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1. Bone Dance
2. I See Light (Amy’s song)
3. War Dance
4. No Consequences
5. Questions
6. Midday Mirage
7. Persian War Ships
8. Barbara’s Victory Dance
9. Because Its Tuesday
10. Shifting Sands
11. Nabataea

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In 2014, this album brought a sense of completion to Aaron Stokes and Guitarist, Todd Que. “On our first album in 2010, we had several songs that we were playing and couldn’t fit them all in. Also, there were many others that weren’t ready to record. Reconnecting and completing Fireside was a long time coming” –Todd Que

Aaron Stokes and Todd Que have captured the attention of fans around the world.Their brilliant delivery and knack for melodies and rhythms make this album a magic carpet ride that will take you from one end of reality to another.

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