Give ’em a listen!

See and Feel where they take you!

There are 5 albums so far. at the moment 4 are available to listen to and/or purchase here on the web site. the others will hopefully be available soon.

check em all out, give them a listen and let me know what you think!

Album 5 – Beyond

Aaron’s 5th and latest album… the first in its collection with all instruments played by the multi instrumentalist himself…..






Album 4 – It’s only me

The mysterious album that only released for a few days in 2015. a total of 40 copies were sold. this album will soon have an official release and be made available here!

Album 4 is not currently available




Fireside CD

Album 3 – Fireside

The third album is the result of a collaborative effort between Aaron Stokes and prytaneum’s original guitarist, Todd Que.






Walkabout CD

Album 2 – Walkabout

Walkabout is an original album containing harp and cello arrangements throughout. It features the talents of Cellist Lance Kotter






Album 1

The album that started it all! Aaron Stokes and Todd Que originally teamed up in 2009 and released their first experimental album together in 2011. This album is finally available online!!