Rave Reviews



Aaron Stokes is a perennial favorite. His astonishing musicianship and style is always a pleasure to experience at all of our events!”
-Sue Bodily, CEO – URFFF

“Each tune on the “Fireside” album conveys reminiscent episodes of my life. This particular tune brings them altogether with a knowing, everything could be all right, so I play it again!”
-Consuela Findley, Super Fan

“Aaron Stokes is a third degree in badassery and dudeliness! He kept such an amazing energy moving through a huge awkward space. I had no idea how much I enjoyed harp music, and that’s just one of the many instruments Aaron plays.”
(Big Mike) Mike Carleson,
CEO, Green Horizen

“Your Music makes me soar every time I hear it!”

Dianne Henderson, Super Fan

“The World would not be the same without the work you do!”

Scott Riddle, Super Fan




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