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1. Wood Sprite
2. Slaterville Boggs
3. Cedar City
4. Longships
5. She Moved Through The Fair
6. Persian Lullaby
7. Stupid Riff
8. Sunday’s reckoning
9. Kegan’s Quaff

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Combining his love of old European folk music with jazz, blues, rock, and many other contemporary genres, harpist Aaron Stokes, is best known for his magical, energetic and sometimes haunting songs that cause the listener to be swept away from time and space as we know it and land in places never before imagined. In short, if you are a fan of legendary songwriters such as Andreas Vollenwieider, Gypsy kings, Cecile Corbel, Omnia and others like them, Aaron Stokes is a must have for your collection.

Aaron Stokes has captured the attention of fans around the world.His brilliant delivery and knack for melodies make this album the perfect backdrop for that epic European road trip or even just an evening sitting over your favorite box of chocolates.

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